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Hat Life has proudly served the Headwear Industry for over 140 years. The Hat Life Directory is the only headwear resource that gives a complete comprehensive list (and valuable information) about headwear manufactures, wholesalers, retailers, suppliers, emerging trends, upcoming events, business news and new product releases.

The Hat Life Directory has a distinguished past – the 2013 edition will be its 141th year in existence. The new book will include over 420 pages of fashion and color trends, photographs, headwear news, business articles and pop culture buzz.

There are also over 50 headwear classifications –from fur felt, knit and straw manufacturers to millinery suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and fabric and trim suppliers.

Each listing in the Hat Life Directory includes the company name, address, phone, fax, web address and email address (if available).

With the business climate so competitive it is important to reach out to potential clients and find resources in an easy manner. Taking out an ad in the Hat Life Directory is one way for you to increase your SALES and let potential customers know who you are.

Many companies (local and international) use the Hat Life Directory as their primary tool for finding products, resources and services. Why not be in front of potential customers and take a leadership position in the headwear industry?

Advertising in the Hat Life Directory also provides a quick and effective means of telling your sales story and getting in front of those with purchasing power.

The deadline for sending advertising material for the 2013 Hat Life Book is December 15, 2012 - the publishing date is January 2013.

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