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2012 Hatty Award Winners
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2008 Hatty Awards Winners


Don Livingston

"As a Custom Hat Designer I find that most people have never worn hats. I found that in order to get one on their head, it has to be fun and unique experience.

As an incentive, every person who buys one of my hats - no matter what age, ethnic background or profession is made to feel special, like a star.

Their heads are measured, a picture is taken, they get Honorary Texan, Yellow Rose of Texas, or Little Wrangler Certificate, information about how the hat was made, important facts about hats and a ‘Texas Tall Tale,’ featuring the hat they purchased plus a WANTED POSTER. All of this is personally mailed to customers with a Thank You letter, as well as a thank you via Email.

Living up to the slogan: 'My hats make your head feel good’ takes a little work', but it’s worth it."

Don Livingston
- San Antonio, Texas
"My hats make your head feel good"
[email protected]