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2012 Hatty Award Winners
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2009 Hatty Awards Winners
Rose Monzyk
“I looked at my hat blocks in a new way this year to see where I could change my designs. I also added hand painted silk scarves to my product line. They allow me to combine my love of fine fabric with my love of painting.” Rose specializes in large floral designs so her clients can feel the color and beauty of nature. “I also created a Convertible Hat so that the wearer can collect interchangeable crowns and brims.”

Rose is mostly self taught, “from a place in my soul that yearns to add beauty to the world.”

“In a tough economy women need a little indulgence. While some companies are scaling down, I see this as an opportunity to appeal to this need in women. There is something in us that feels the joy and passion in something handmade. I offer things of beauty to help my clients feel beautiful.”

Hats By Josephine
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