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2012 Hatty Award Winners
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2012 Hatty Awards Winners


Anel Heyman - Finery Hats & Accessories
[email protected]

I started my business last year and my hats were worn to the Durban July Horse Race and the Sansui Summer Cup Horse Race. I was also chosen to make hats for the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate to use on billboards and other advertising material for the 2012 event.

I was approached to make hats for the team by Jenna Clifford for the Sansui Summer Cup in 2011. The theme was ‘Bling your Pink’ - it was an honor to work with them and deliver a couture service to help them stand out from the crowd.

I wear hats to church and always asked other people to make hats for me. One day I decided I would like to make my own hat. After taking a course I absolutely love designing and creating hats for myself and clients.

Besides the The Royal Wedding and the Stephen Jones Millinery Competition, I am inspired by things around me and love using striking colors and shapes.

[email protected]