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2012 Hatty Award Winners
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2012 Hatty Awards Winners


Belle McCluskey - Boring Sidney Hats and Headdresses
[email protected]

I worked with our online millinery society - the Milliners of Etsy - putting together competitions and bringing well known milliners to be judges.

I offer off-beat bridal headwear for the non-traditional bride. I knew there had to be a market for women who wanted antler headpieces, taxidermy pieces, real insects or conjoined twin doves on their wedding day, and I was right, there are!

I got my start in the theatre making hats for plays and musicals. I have always loved and worn hats, even as a small girl. After years in the theatre I started selling hats online and my business took off.

I have become fascinated with making hats out of unusual items, challenging the notion of what can make a hat, or what a hat can be. I have been rethinking what is considered beautiful and have tried to encourage others to see beauty everywhere. I am enjoying this journey.

[email protected]