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2012 Hatty Award Winners
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2012 Hatty Awards Winners


Chloe Haywood - Hatastic!
[email protected]

Chloe has a flair for different and unique headwear, which might account for her popularity as a hat maker. She enjoys recycling old and unused fabrics into beautiful hats and as she says, “I thrive on a challenge and I’m constantly surprised at how the pieces turn out.”

Chloe has contributed to the book “101 Things to do with Glitter,” was nominated for an award and is showing with The Green Closet at Milan Fashion Week Feb 2012. She also made a hat for performer Keisha Buchanan (ex Sugarbabe).

HAT LIFE : What is the most rewarding thing about designing hats?

Chloe: I love the fact that a hat is usually the most striking thing about an outfit, although you may not realize it at the time. Also, hats are having a bit of a renaissance at present and people see it as a skillful job.

HL: What trimming or hat styles do you think will be most popular for 2012?

C: The vintage look is definitely a big trend. Moving away from the small burlesque fascinator and nudging towards the classy 40’s style headpiece. It’s all very vintage- inspired: Mid-century silhouettes and a dash of deco thrown in for good measure will all lend itself to fabulous range of gorgeous headwear.

HL: Are there any new colors that you think will be new and exciting for next year?

C: I like sherbet hues for spring summer 2012 like in my Candy Collection

HL: What is your hat vision for the future?

C: Hats and headpieces are getting more and more popular. I’ve seen this from doing fairs and being in business for three years. People want to try my pieces on rather than looking and walking away saying, “I don’t really do’” hats. I’ve also noticed more milliners popping up here and there with gorgeous and interesting designs...as I say hats are having a renaissance.

HL: How is social media affecting your business?

C: Facebook and Twitter are invaluable to my Hatastic marketing and I www.hatlife.com have an online shop too. Since the downturn in the economy selling online is tricky, because many people have turned to crafts to earn money and the marketplace is flooded with new sellers.

I prefer doing fairs, that way I get to meet clients and show them how to wear certain headpiece with hairstyles etc. My clients need to try my pieces on too, so I’m happier to sell direct and discuss bespoke designs etc.

+44(0)7956 188585
www.hatastic.co.uk [email protected]

I was Nominated as Accessory Designer of the Year by Fashions Finest

http://www.fashionsfinest. com/index.php?option=com_ k2&view=item&id=1081:accessory-designer-of-the-year-hatastic