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2012 Hatty Award Winners
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2012 Hatty Awards Winners


conney borda - Eggcup Designs
[email protected]

Many of my hat designs are draped, cut and sewn before or after the blocking process. I don’t rely on fancy blocks, all I need is a basic cloche block and a coffee can. Customers tell me that draping is what makes my hats unique.

I started Eggcup Designs in 1996. I was a graphic artist for almost 20 years. I liked hats but I have a tiny head and finding a hat that fit me was always a challenge, so I took millinery classes at Moore College of Art. I made tiny hats for myself and regular size hats for family and friends. Now I sell hats from New York to California in all hat sizes.

I am proud of meeting and speaking with Steven Jones at the Bard Gala and getting a compliment from him on the hat I was wearing. That was a years’ worth of inspiration.

302-734-5432 [email protected]