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2012 Hatty Award Winners
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2012 Hatty Awards Winners


Devra Wathen - ETSIS Hats & Apparel

The ETSIS hat is the latest headwear invention for sun protection. The hat features unique (patent-pending) SunEscape Protection side panels that snap into the hat, providing the ultimate in sun protection for the face and neck. The hat fuses fashion with function and can be used to offer protection for any activity.

ETSIS is happy about their licensing agreement with Dorfman Pacific and their endorsement by the Melanoma International Foundation. ETSIS is also very proud to be in cancer boutiques, medical spas and retail stores across the USA and Canada, helping customers to Escape the Sun In Style!

After having pre-cancerous cells removed from the side of her face, owner founder Devra Walthen knew she needed to get serious about sun protection for her face. So she started safety pinning towels into her hats. Devra’s husband and a few close friends encouraged her to design a hat that was not only fashionable but functional. After testing over 70 fabrics the ETSIS Hat and snap-in SunEscape Protection panels were ready to take public.

The Etsis Hat is Changing lives one day at a time. ETSIS is not a miracle in a jar, it is a miracle in a hat bag!

Devra Wathen
CEO 808-779-9517