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2012 Hatty Award Winners
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2012 Hatty Awards Winners


Joy Kim - Joy Kim New York
[email protected]

The most memorable event was when a film director stopped me on the street and told me he had to know the brand of the hat that I was wearing.

I proudly told him “Joy Kim New York.” That conversation did not end there. I explained to Saba, the founder of Cloudy Sky films, that I was the maker of the hat. He requested that I make hats and accessories in a gothic motif for use in a film. I made the hats and they were in his film, “About a Week.”

I love classic movies and clothing and I realized that hats can show a lot of character and personality. I entered FIT, where I took a millinery course. In May 2010, I began freelancing working with the very blessed hatter, Rod Keenan. Eventually with the support of those around me, I started my own line of hats and accessories.

We have wealth and poverty in our world. Love and hate. I tried to combine all these opposites and deliver an ironic message that intertwines between the world and the people in it. My inspiration comes from several layers deep in my heart where nothing else can reach it except for my love for the work I create.

[email protected]