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2012 Hatty Award Winners
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2012 Hatty Awards Winners


Mike Moore - Buckaroo hatters
[email protected]

Mike is most proud when he makes a hat and then gets to see a smile on the face of the wearer. "There is no feeling like that in the world. Every customer is like the first one to me. As every hat is different, so is every customer."

Mike's passion is to add his own touch to a hat. He loves the old West and was motivated by that to start making hats. That soon led him into the world of fedora making. He went from working out of his garage to a small shop and then to his current location in Covington, Tennessee.

"I am inspired to always make the next hat better than the last one. The satisfied look of a customer when he leaves the shop is so gratifying, but the eager look of the customer returning to choose another hat is the most rewarding of all. I also get inspiration from each and every person that I get to make a hat for.

I have been a history buff for many years, 25 of them reenacting Civil War Events. I reshaped several of my own hats and then decided to find hatters tools, buy hat bodies and see what I could do. I owe my knowledge of hat making to a few talented hatters. They were kind enough to share some secrets with me after they knew I was serious about building hats.

Buckaroo Hatters
(901) 907-7436