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2012 Hatty Award Winners
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2012 Hatty Awards Winners


Suzanne Oliver - Hats by Oliver
[email protected]

I sent photos of my hats to Philip Treacy and was overwhelmed to receive a call asking me to intern with him for a month. It was an incredibly nerve wracking and fulfilling experience because he and his milliners are so talented.

Philip Treacy gave me the job of finishing a mask created for supermodel Gisele at the Vogue Anniversary Ball in Paris. The most meaningful moment was when he told me I was incredibly talented and made me promise to continue making hats.

I was the only Irish hat designer shortlisted in the Stephen Jones /Vogue millinery star competition. I created a hat made of cotton ear buds! Stephen Jones said my hat was light, innovative and very beautiful. I was interviewed for an Irish TV station in a hat documentary featuring Philip Treacy.

Philips Treacy and Stephen Jones encouragement about my work has inspired me to continue to create hats. My hats are all hand-stitched.


Susanne Oliver - Ireland
[email protected]