They say Melrose Avenue will never be the same – and if Jason Dussault has it his way – that will be the case.

On November 8th the first USA Dussault Apparel Motel store will open on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jason Dussault spared no expense to make his new store a hit.

Already an icon in Canada, Dussault invited 500 guests, including rock legends Gene Simmons, Criss Angel and DJ Skribble. "I have been working on the store design for the last 8 months and I truly believe it will be the most unique shopping experience in Los Angeles. I look forward to sharing my art, inspiration and fashion line with the people of LA."

The Dussault Apparel Motel store will feature women's and men's Ready-To-Wear collections as well as jewelry, luggage and headwear.

"Our mission is to design, develop, manufacture, market, distribute and sell distinctive and innovative products that redefine luxury in the fashion world. From our premium high fashion hoodies, denim jeans and tops, to our urban apparel and accessories, every element we create is to redefine the luxury experience, and to fulfill the lofty desires of affluent, fashion-conscious customers worldwide," said Dussault.

”The store is a 70's style diner with old jukebox, vinyl booths and tchotkies. It also has a roadside motel honeymoon suite and motel checkout. There will be cool air on tap (for a ski lodge feel), music, free- flowing liquor.” (Let’s hope everyone turns 18 before they enter).

“We hired the best set designers and decorators to create a store that looks like no other retail space in North America. This is not a typical box store with mundane fixtures, rather a themed destination retail location and something we are extremely proud of."

Their headquarters in Vancouver – is at 3742 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6R 2G4. (604) 728-4613.