She's called the Fashion world's icon-in-waiting and soon she will be the bride of Britain's Prince William. Her name is Kate Middleton and her fashion choices will inevitably make a splash in the world of fashion.

And the good news is that the future Queen (someday perhaps) wears a lot of terrific hats. Hopefully women in the US will follow in the fashion footprints of those in the UK (which means they will start wearing hats and stop worrying about their hair).

Middleton worked as an accessories buyer at Topshop and Jigsaw after she graduated from college. She also made People magazine's "Best Dressed" list this year and in 2008 she was featured in Vanity Fair's "International Best Dressed" list alongside Michelle Obama and Carla Sarkozy-Bruni.

The world seems to be wondering, is Kate's style going to influence fashion the way Diana's did? Well, we hope so, for the sake of hatters.

"She's tall, she's slim, although she's dark, aesthetically she's not dissimilar from Diana," said Katie Nicholl, the royal correspondent for UK newspaper The Mail.

"She is following in Diana's footsteps as a style icon," added Nicholl who is also author of "William & Harry: Behind the Palace Walls."

Let's just hope her hats contine to be watched from across the ocean. If so, the headwear industry will see even larger growth next year. Bring it on Kate.