It's Raining Flowers at Chanel
Pippa's Flower Power
Derby Dolls
Derby Darling at Kentucky Oaks – Malinda Horn
Karen Van Zant at the Derby

The 60's and 70's are back in a big way. Maxi dresses, fringe pants and floppy hats are new again – but for those of us who saw them in the past, it's simply a case of deja vu.

Not only are flowers adorning hats in all sizes and shapes, but they are now being worn on the head as a form of headwear. At the Costume Exhibit at the MET and at the Royal Wedding women (luckily not men) were wearing flowers in their hair. Some hat makers are selling flowers separately to adorn hats, others are making fascinators and floral arrangements to be worn on the head.

Although its tough out there, the softness of flowers seem a perfect addition to a world that seems to be out of control. And others must agree – Chanel and Dior showed flowers as headwear in their recent runway shows.