Anthea Crebbin and Rebecca Judd with Treacy hatter at Melbourne
Philip Treacy with Rebecca Judd
Philip Treacy and model in one of his hats

Philip Treacy, one of the most exhaulted hatters in the world, is in Melbourne for the Victoria Racing Club. And it seems the local media couldn't help but ask him about the hat he made for princess Beatrice to wear for the royal wedding.

''To be honest, I was really impressed with how inventive people were in terms of what they thought it looked like. It was great. I just thought I was making a hat with a bow on it," said Treacy.

He added: "The royal wedding was one of the biggest hat-wearing shows on earth and it gave hats the most incredible profile,'' said the milliner, who designed hats for 36 of the wedding guests.

''Some hats were talked about more than others and that's also good because it put hats out there. The thing is hats have always been about causing a reaction. People either love it or hate it or think it's funny or ridiculous... and you can't please 3 billion people all at the same time.''

Myer racewear ambassador Rebecca Judd was among several guests at yesterday's launch of the 2011 Melbourne Cup carnival held at Crown's Club 23 - the new venue of Shane Warne and Joe Hachem - wearing a Treacy-designed headpiece.

Treacy spoke before the launch saying he has been championing hats ever since he decided to specialize in millinery at the Royal College of Art in London in 1988.

''It's a bit like being a missionary, preaching that hats are good,'' says the 44-year-old, who claims people have been proclaiming the death of the hat for decades.

''Even when I first chose to specialise in hats my friends were like 'Why do you want to make hats? Nobody's wearing hats. They're for old ladies.'"

He also said that his recent collaborations with Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga have helped make hats relevant again.

''They're disciples to the cause because they are in a position to bring hats to a new generation of people,'' he added.

Treacy has been creating hats for carnival guests, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Liz Hurley and Dita Von Teese. ''I can't say anything. Besides hats should always have an element of surprise."

''I don't really believe in trends for hats because hats should be a symbol of individuality. No woman wants to bump into somebody else in a similar hat. I think people should choose something that says something about who they are and makes them feel good," added Treacy.

He also said that a lot of people don't always have the confidence to wear a hat, but what they don't understand is that a hat actually gives you confidence.

Treacy,who will be the style ambassador and judge at the Melbourne racing event also said: " I'm looking for the hat that stops the nation. I'm looking for a hat that makes the heart beat faster."