There is no limit to giving customer’s what they want today. Not only do designers have a hard time dictating fashion trends (like they used to) but the consumer has become the designer (of sorts).

To show you how prevalent (and upscale) this trend goes, check out the latest marketing ploy by Burberry. For as little as $1,800 or as much as $9000, anyone can design their own Burberry coat.

Although the price tag might frighten the average consumer, the concept of designing a coat for Burberry has opened up a real marketing bonanza for them. This way Burberry can get to know their customer’s likes and dislikes and to understand the creative urges of their fans. The secondary goal is to get people (and customers) to share their ideas with twitter and facebook fans.

Web users can select their own choice of color, style, silhouette, length and details such as buttons, belts, lapels, epaulets and seaming. And for the picky fashion connoisseur there are 12 million options to choose from (if you have a hard time making decisions I suggest consulting a therapist first).

Over the last few years Burberry has invested heavily in its online platform and digital marketing strategy. And it seems to be working. The brand, known for their plaid past, has over three million fans on Facebook, which makes them one of the most popular fashion brands on the social networking site.

According to Burberry, this do-it-yourself design trend is the next step in mass customization from mass production. This way everyone gets what they want – something special that others will never get to wear.

This make-your-own coat (or make your own sneakers or jeans) is a brilliant idea and one that can (and should) be taken up by hat makers. The future is now, why not let your customer design their own hat on your website and then order the hat for themselves and their friends.