Vol.1 No.1 April 27, 2005   

Hat Life: The Meeting Of Great Minds In The Headwear Industry

Welcome to the first bi-monthly digital headwear newsletter from Hat Life. Although Hat Life’s cause de resistance is headwear, we will be bringing you information on apparel trends, pop culture, retail store information, industry events, trade show updates, restaurant reviews and a section on the people and companies that make up this great (and sometimes timid) industry.

I want to invite you all to tell us your tales of woe and elation. We want to hear about new employees, new trends, close-outs, fabric or equipment needs or whatever else you have to say to retailers and the industry. We can keep your information confidential or shout it to the world. The purpose of this newsletter is to bind us all together so the industry has one integral voice.

The media is writing more accessory articles than ever before and they need hat sales figures, resources and quotes from people in the industry. This site will provide a place for the media to access company names and information about the Headwear industry. Help us to help them, ultimately you will gain from this relationship.

Our goal is to make Hat Life the place “to go” for all headwear (and related) news.

We hope to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected] or call 561-208-1168 or 877-HATLIFE


The Headwear Association Annual dinner at Tavern on the Green was a marvelous evening of great cuisine, cocktails and camaraderie, and gave everyone in the industry a chance to touch base. Over 100 people attended the dinner on March 17. It was also a special evening of retail and wholesale recognition. more++

The Wall Street Journal wrote an article on April 15th about the changing needs of baby boom age women called “Reshaping Boomer Fashion.” The article elaborates on the need for manufacturers to custom design their apparel to meet the needs of an aging female population. more++


Lori Pollock recently purchased HEASLIP, a 50-year-old woman’s Canadian Hat Manufacturer in Hamilton Ontario. Pollock was formerly in the medical industry, and is now teaming up with designer Liz Harbosin to create a more expansive hat collection. They are adding more spring headwear and are introducing trendy styles to their already existing classic collection. more++

Lisa Shaub, the NY based retailer and headwear manufacturer is looking for antique feather trims and hat blocks. Lisa is also looking to develop her wholesale headwear business. Shaub is one of the best designers in the industry. Her hats are delicate, daring and robust. She understands the consumers’ need for the classics and subtle fashion. more++


HARPER’S BAZAAR MAGAZINE’S April issue features an entire fashion spread called “Hats Are Back.” In this 10-page spread they have taken a stretch terry Nike headband and wristband and used it as a hat- band over non-matching headwear. Due to the trendy nature of the customer, and the fashion industry, this could be a fashion look to copy. more++

Genesco (Parent Company of Hat World) Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2005 Results: “Hat World registered another strong quarter, with total sales up 17% and same store sales up 6%, due to increased demand for core sports product, as well as ongoing strength in the fashion and branded cap businesses. more++


Because fashion trends fall as they may, it’s always good to catch them in their prime. In the spirit of creativity we added a photo gallery of retail windows and street scenes of those who walk the fine line of fashion. more++

BEN’S DELI the well-known Deli from Long Island continues to proliferate across the country. Now that most deli’s have become part of restaurant chains, they no longer offer fresh food. Unfortunately for us deli-lovers this spells disaster (and hunger pains). BEN’S has come to the rescue by opening up a new restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida. more++
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