Vol.1 Issue 8 August 3, 2005   
Heads up on Hats
Dear Hat Lovers, Hat Vendors and Retailers,
This is the beginning of our second month coming to you by way of the Internet. Thank you for all your support. There continues to be much interest from consumers and celebrities about Headwear. It seems everyday another hip hop artist is starting a hat line. We will be attending the accessory shows in NYC this week and we’ll keep you abreast of all the news that’s fit to print.
The Hat Lady
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WORDS FOR THE WISE: " The greater the artist the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize." - Robert Hughes

KATHY JEANNE ADDS TO THEIR HAT FAMILY: Kathy Jeanne, the 20-year-old Fairfield NJ hat maker has assumed production of Dorel Hat Company/ Aldo Hat Corporation and will be manufacturing the Mr. John, Sylvia, and Jack McConnell HAT line.   more++

BIG HEADED HAT CUSTOMERS SEEKING LARGER HATS: Perhaps it’s all the brainpower we have today, but larger hats are in bigger demand than ever before. That’s good news for nine-year-old hat manufacturer Big Head Caps®.   more++

Reebok Joins Up With Hip-Hop Giant Nelly: Global sportswear company Reebok has entered into a long-term partnership with multi platinum-selling hip-hop music star Nelly.  more++

ORIGINAL HAT MAKING EQUIPMENT: David Akins at [email protected] is looking for someone to give him appraisals on original hat making equipment, such as hat blocks, crown irons, crown pouncers, press flanges, fitting binding machines, body molds in cast iron and brass.  more++

We are now breaking the price barrier with the latest Ralph Lauren Collection Alligator Purse. According to Vogue Magazine (don’t they know everything?) our pal Ralph has put a $10,000 price tag on this structured handbag with polished silver and bronze hardware and tiny side straps.  more++

ARE YOUR HAT SALES SLOWING DOWN? One of our hat retailers ( Internet hat retailer as well) wants to know if other retailers are seeing a slow-down in retail hat sales. If you would like to share your retail thoughts about business, please email me at: [email protected]  more++

The mean streets of New York were fashion friendly this month. We saw women, young and old doing their own thing. One thing to note, today’s fashion customer wants something unique to wear. That’s why kitsch is king… over the top is right in the middle, for now.   more++

There are many high profile restaurants on the Tony island of Nantucket, but few can match the beautifully crafted dishes presented at this intimate gem, located o n the outskirts of town. Ron Suhanosky, the chef and owner, with his wife Colleen,  more++
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