Vol.1 Issue 10 August 31, 2005   
Dear Hat Lovers, Hat Vendors and Retailers,
Fashion continues to move along the same lines as the reality it masks. That’s why the fashion markets (retail and wholesale) reflect both the ultimate in luxury and the ultimate in cheap chic. Feeling wealthy is one motivation behind this return to glamour and feeling smart is the key to down and dirty budget prices. Fifth Avenue in NYC is now loaded with stores selling cheap chic accessories, make-up and apparel. It’s a new dichotomy that mixes the reality of fantasy with the reality of economics. See you Las Vegas!
The Hat Lady
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THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." - Edith Wharton

THE HAT WORLD ACCORDING TO HAT MAKER CHARLIE SWINDALL: Charlie Swindall of Gladhatter is seeing an “over overwhelming resurgence in the demand for ultra high end men's hats, like pure sterling beaver fedoras.”   more++

KNITS CONTINUE TO CHARM WITH THEIR SOFT TOUCH: BLOCK Headwear and Mixwell make beautiful knitwear music together. We just learned that Mixwell is a line of sportswear worn by disc jockeys.   more++

MUSICAL BOY TOY JUMPS FROM SINGING STAR TO DESIGN MUSE: Justin Timberlake, boyfriend of Cameron Diaz and pop singer, is jumping into the fashion arena with a new clothing line called William Rast.  more++

HAT BLOCKING ACCESSORIES FOR SALE: Jay Gerish from Kathy Jeanne has ladies aluminum hat blocks and hat blocking equipment for sale. If you are interested contact Jay at: 973-575-9898.  more++

FROM THE BOUDUOR TO THE BAR STOOL: In case you hadn’t noticed, the newest trend for ladies is to wear lingerie as streetwear. Although this trend is not new, it is hitting the streets with a vengeance.   more++

HISPANICS HAVE CASH TO SPEND BUT RETAILERS MUST SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE: According to an article in the New York Times, retailers are losing tens of billions of dollars in sales a year by not offering Spanish language toll-free numbers to buy goods.   more++

Consumers want their fashion options as diverse as their stock portfolios. Larger- than- life looks that hail from the 70’s, cast a spell over the norm. We continue to see fringe, gold and silver luxury threads, beads, turquoise, glamour and glitter.  more++

Returning to the Tub….filler Up. If you happen to be driving down A1A in Hollywood, Florida and want to return to the good old days before the Internet, cell phones and $6000 shower curtains, check out Le Tub. This down- home Key West inspired restaurant was formally a gas station, but was rebuilt in 1974.   more++
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