Vol.1 Issue 7 July 20, 2005   


Now that it’s summertime you would think that everyone would be wearing a HAT, right? Well it just ain’t so. I just came back from New York City and noticed that many city folk were not wearing hats. The interesting thing to note is that the population of fashionable hat wearers was made up mostly of older women. Last week there was a free concert in Central Park featuring the Blind Boys of Alabama (I didn’t know who they were either). There were thousands of people of all ages in attendance, and it was a steamy hot sunny day, yet only five percent of the people were wearing hats. Why was that you ask? I really don’t know.

You would think that the warnings about the danger of the sun would be enough to keep people under head wraps, but I guess not. What I do know, and so do many of you, is that the Hat Industry is in need of a marketing campaign. So I have been thinking about a slogan for this upcoming promotion that many of you been dreaming about. And I think the way to go is to emphasize health and beauty and to connect these two top priorities with the wearing of hats. I have added a possible slogan below. Your ideas are welcome.

We hope to hear from you….

Have a nice summer,
Diane Feen,
The Hat Lady,

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WORDS FOR THE WISE: "It's not okay to stop being who you are in order to make others feel okay about who they are not.” - CoCo Cheznaynay® Secret Agent of Truth & Style

IT’S SHOWTIME IN THE ACCESSORY MARKET: The Accessorie Circuit show is at the Show Piers on the Hudson in NYC from 8/2 to 8/4 NYC, as well as the Intermezzo Collections and Direction Show 8/2 to 8/4.   more++

COWBOY HATS AREN’T JUST FOR COWBOYS: On a recent trip to NYC it appeared to me that cowboy hats have become a city thing. Men and women of all ages were wearing cowboy hats, mostly in natural straw.  more++


Johnnye Hansford, designer and owner of JRH Millinery, had her original hat selected by The Kentucky Derby Hat Contest Committee. The handmade Silk Organza hat has a checkerboard brim and floral front.  more++

Nate at Nathaniels hat shop in Mancos Colorado is looking for a Blocking Machine and Brim press. Please contact him at: [email protected] Josh Bernstein, host of "Digging for the Truth" on the History channel recently wore one of Nate’s hats.  more++


Avirex is flying High again…..The classic aeronautical leather bomber-varsity jackets from Avirex have been taken back from their licensee and have been returned to their founder Jeff Clyman.  more++

THE GAP GOES GAGA OVER ACCESSORIES: The Gap has just opened a free standing accessory store called “LOVE.” We noticed this sliver thin retailer on 5th Avenue (between 43rd and 44 Street) in NYC.  more++


In our NYC jaunt last week we noticed that kitsch was king. Customer’s seems to want lots of bells and whistles (and ruffles and frills) with mix- media ruling the day. Color continues to seduce both our senses and our wallets, and not just for women.  more++

VENTURA’S GREENHOUSE GRILL: FOOD FOR FANTASY: If you happen to be on your way to Atlantic City New Jersey, we have a sure port in the storm. Called Ventura’s Greenhouse Grill, this Italian restaurant knows how to serve up excellent home-made Italian cuisine guaranteed to please your palette.  more++
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