Vol.1 Issue 4 Jun 8, 2005   

Great Headwear Minds Speak…

We are so glad to be able to consolidate and communicate with those of you in the headwear industry. Keep the information flowing, but please try to add photos if you have them. Also remember to give us your phone number and contact information with all information to be printed.

The Detroit News contacted us this week for a story about Broner Headwear. The reporter wanted dollar figures on how many men’s and women’s hats are sold each year. It is important that all of you, especially headwear manufactures, get together and come up with annual sales figures for headwear sales. Also, we hope you will pass our Hat Life newsletters on to your friends, colleagues and retail store clients.

We look forward to hearing from you next month.

Thank you,
Diane Feen, the Hat Lady

We hope to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected] or call 561-208-1168 or 877-HATLIFE

WORDS FOR THE WISE: "Vision is never static; it is vibrant and ever changing.” From Naftali Abenaim – Naftali Abenaim Millinery.

DORFMAN PACIFIC GOES COUNTRY WITH A NEW HAT LINE: Country superstar Toby Keith has been wearing Dorfman Pacific's "Scala" western hats for some time and just signed a licensing agreement with Dorfman Pacific for his own Toby Keith Hat Collection. more++

DORFMAN PACIFIC CONTINUES ITS EQUATOR™ EXPEDITION HATS: Adventurer Luke Landers continues his EQUATOR™ EXPEDITION HATS with Dorfman Pacific. more++


SAN DIEGO HAT COMPANY MAKES IT TO “O” MAGAZINE: San Diego Hat Co. will be featured in the July Issue of “O” Magazine (as in Oprah) in the “O List” section. more++

WINFIELD COVER CO. IS UP FOR SALE: Gerald Buhrz, innovator in the leather hat business since 1968, is “calling it quits” and going fishing. more++


COUNTRY CLUB CHIC: Understated country club chic is not the sole property of Ralph Lauren, but is hitting the streets in the form of tennis sweaters, pearls and pinstripes mixed with stripes.  more++

HEALTH NUTS GO TO THE TOP: Health Magazine recently featured a section called “hot hot hot.” In this article the fashion editor pulled together items that protect consumers from the damaging rays of the sun. more++


From top to bottom fashion trends are trailing individuality. No matter what the look is from designers, it’s the street scene that matters. Even though trends such as cut-out appliqués and embroidery are hot now, its real strength lies with a sense of uniqueness. more++

THE CAPITAL GRILLE IS COMING YOUR WAY: Elegant steak houses continue to proliferate around the country. After hearing about The Capital Grille for many months, we finally sat down to dine at their new restaurant in the Galleria Mall in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. more++
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