Vol.1 Issue 5 Jun 22, 2005   


Hats continue to grace the heads of celebrities and common folk alike. The interesting part of this phenomenon is that some hat lovers are dyed in the wool hat devotees, while others are totally unaware that hat wearing has returned from extinction. Recently someone said to me, “I wish hats were in style I would wear one.” My reply was, “hats are back in style big-time!”

Comments like this make me realize that the hat industry needs to mobilize and come up with a clever, yet tantalizing marketing campaign. How about a slogan (please don’t say “Got Hat” that’s corny and overused). In the coming months I will come up with possible marketing and PR slogans on our website.

Keep your eyes on Katie Holmes, this dreamer (who came up big on Cruise control), will be influencing fashion. More about that later.

I continue to get requests for our columns without your phone and fax numbers. Please give us your full information so we can pass it along to readers.

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WORDS FOR THE WISE: "Don’t depend on forces outside of yourself to get ahead," Oprah Winfrey.

GOORIN BROTHERS GETS BRANDED: GOORIN BROTHERS is now a recognized BRAND in the headwear industry. Goorin Brothers spokesman said that the Goorin Brothers label is selling very well in Spain, Italy and Australia. Customers are not only buying their hats but are seeking out the Goorin Brothers label.  more++

THE RED HAT SOCIETY REIGNS: Since the Red Hat Ladies are quickly becoming your most loyal customers, we wanted you to hear their thoughts. They buy lots of red hats, and are in search of more red and purple hats. more++


HATS OFF TO LOLA: LOLA, the headwear designer extraordinaire, is now designing a better hat line for JB Stetson. The line, that will be shipped next spring, will consist of funky high-end hats to be sold at stores such as Barneys and Paul Smith. more++

LOLA, is looking for vintage fabrics to make ties. This design wunderkind is starting a tie line for men (or women, if they so desire). Her inspiration came from the fact that Lola has been using antique tie fabric as sweatbands. more++


HOLLYWOOD GOES BATTY FOR HATS: In case you haven’t seen the movie, Cinderella Man you might have missed the use of Art Deco pins in the front of retro-styled stingy brimmed fedoras. Female lead Renee Zellweger wore many elegant hats from the depression era.  more++

ARNOLD HATTERS in NYC reports that colorful straw fedoras in flamboyant shades of red, lavender, pink, sky blue and purple are selling very well from Capas Headwear. Also selling well at retail is the Kangol Tropic Player hat, which, is a small brimmed pinch crown fedora in mesh. more++


NOTES ON KNITS: If you were thinking that knit caps and hats are going to be important for fall, you are right on. The fashion powers that be at Chanel are banking on this novelty knit cap/beret to round out fall ’05-’06. We like this textured floppy-boho look in caps and hats made from novelty tweed and knobby knits. more++

This month we have a guest restaurant reviewer, Jack Benjamin. Benjamin has owned and operated four French cafes and an Italian bistro, Café Luna in Boston. He has also served as the Sommelier of his cafes, and has traveled to both France and Italy in his search for the perfect meal. more++
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