Vol.1 Issue 3 May 25, 2005   


A lot. Magazines and newspapers are spending more time and putting more energy into their coverage of hats. Let’s face it; the Red Hat Ladies have done more for headwear than Samuel L. Jackson. There are also wonderful promotional ideas floating around the universe. One Minnesota man collected over 70,000 hats and other groups are using headwear-decorating contests to give away prizes and garner publicity. Now is the time for headwear retailers and manufacturers to go forward with creative ideas to generate publicity. The media is eventually going to get bored with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, and I don’t have to tell you that “Desperate Housewives” is taking their summer break.

That means the media will be looking for something to write about. If a run-a-way bride can get her own press conference, then why not create something newsworthy in the hat industry? Start hat clubs, offer money or prizes for the most creative hats or just team up with a large consumer products company and design a limited edition of funky hats to commemorate an occasion, or the passing away of someone great (this can be local). For media sources check out the TRADING POST SECTION BELOW.

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WORDS FOR THE WISE: "Follow your bliss. Find where it is and don't be afraid to follow it." Joseph Campbell

WANT TO JOIN THE HEADWEAR ASSOCATION? Some of you have expressed a desire to attend next years’ Headwear Association dinner at Tavern on the Green in NYC. more++

SET SAIL: It’s time to pull out those nautical appliquéd anchors and put them on crushers and cloches. We feel that classical nautical motifs and navy and white marine headwear is going to have a rebirth in popularity. more++


KAMINSKI GOES ROYAL: Princess Mary of Denmark was photographed in the Australian Woman's Day magazine on May 9th, 2005 in a Helen Kaminski hat. She was wearing the “Provence” 12 in desert mix from the spring ‘03 collection. more++

TEACHING OPPORTUNITIES: The American Intercontinental University School of Design in Plantation Florida is looking for full-time teachers in fashion, marketing and interior design. Teachers must have a master’s degree in the subject being taught. more++


THE GOLD STANDARD: We hear that “Hippie Chic” from the flower- powered 60’s is rearing its head again. This time fashion editors say it has a 21st century twist. Even hippie sandals a la Birkenstock have returned with gold and silver leather straps. more++

An internal audit committee found wrongdoing in how some Saks Fifth Avenue executives were collecting "markdown money" from vendors. more++


Fashion on the street continues to be fun, frivolous and feather filled. Prada has been showing colorful feathered and layered cloche hats in their magazine ads with unlimited bravado. Check out their ads in Vogue Magazine and Bazaar. more++

EAT YOUR HEART OUT: We found the very best hamburger joint in the world at Mandalay Place in Las Vegas. Called BURGER BAR, this amazing restaurant is the site of the best hand-made fresh hamburger this side of the sea. more++
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