Vol.1 Issue 11 September 14, 2005    
Dear Hat Lovers, Hat Vendors and Retailers,
The Magic show gave everyone some great ideas, new resources and hopefully a few laughs. There were parties, celebrity endorsements, bright colors and many miles to walk. Hats continue to define the psyche and the mood of young people, which could be the reason so many sportswear companies are adding them to their collection. Keep us abreast of your thoughts and your company news. We can’t do this without you.
The Hat Lady
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THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “A pessimist is someone who complains about the noise when opportunity knocks.” - Michael Levine

BILTMORE HAT COMPANY HAS NEW OWNER: Eric Lynes recently bought Biltmore Hat Company. Lynes is a self-professed hat lover with a gentle manner and sharp fashion savvy. Bob Cameron, pictured with Lynes, continues to be Biltmore’s sales manager. We wish them good luck!   more++

TIE DYE STILL MAKING BRINGING LIFE TO HEADWEAR: It may be old in theory (think the 60’s), but tie dye coloration still looked good in knit skull caps at the recent Magic Show. We really liked the green and purple knit tie dye caps from Dogee Hats.   more++

JESSE JAMES RIDES INTO MAGIC WITH HIS WARES: Sandra Bullock’s motorcycle building beau Jesse James was at the Magic show with his new collection of sportswear and hats called, West Coast Choppers.  more++

The folks at Dans Hats and Caps are looking for display cases, fixtures and hat blocks. This three-year-old hat retailer is doing so well they are expanding.  more++

SAY IT LIKE IT IS: Irreverent sayings on TV shirts are at its zenith. It seemed like this trend for wearing your inner thoughts on your outerwear was just too hot to continue, but it just ain’t so.   more++

NEW CALIFORNIA RETAILER SEES BLUE SKYS FOR HAT SALES: Jacob Rash was at the Magic Show shopping for hats to go with apparel for his three- month-old LA store, J. Valintin.   more++

We watched in amazement as young women and men talked, walked and caroused to their own beat in Las Vegas. It seemed the most impressive piece of equipment was not headwear, but silicone. But hats did take a close second in value-added appeal.  more++

HAIL CAESAR: COUNTING CARBS and CALORIES AT CAFÉ LAGO IN CAESARS PALACE HOTEL IN LAS VEGAS. It may seem odd, but we had a hard time finding fresh American food in Las Vegas. This being America in all I figured it would be easy, but I was wrong.  more++
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