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With our Hat Life Partner Program, we provide you with all the marketing materials you need - promotional pages, email, banner ads and more - to promote the Hat Life 2012 Book. Once a new customer purchases the book via your unique URL or tracking code, we give you 25% of the sale.

How to Generate Hat Life Partner Program Commissions
To generate sales, you need to send customers to www.HatLifeBook.com. The best way to send traffic to our site is to use the unique code that we provide you and place banner ads, buttons or text ads on your site.
At www.HatLifeBook.com, visitors can learn about Hat Life 2012, see the detailed Table of Contents and even download a 23-page sample of the book. If they order the book, you are credited for that sale and you will receive a 25% commission.
Your Partner Account Dashboard
When you log into your Partner account, you'll see a various links. This is your main dashboard to manage your account. Here's a listing of these pages and what they contain:
Sales & Commissions
View customers you have referred to us, the related sales and commission earned.
Promotional Ideas
Need some clues on how you can promote the Hat Life 2012 Book? Visit this page and find out all the ways you can promote Hat Life and earn commissions.
Banners to add on your website, logos and branding information
Need a pre-written email you can send to your opt-in list that promotes Hat Life? You'll find it here.
Text Links
These text links include promotional copy for the Hat Life 2012 Book, as well as the tracking codes to follow the sales back to you.
Page to add on your website describing the Hat Life 2012 Book
Partner Agreement
This agreement includes everything you need to know about what we promise to you.
Partner FAQs
Visit this page to find answers to all your Partner Program questions.

Becoming a Hat Life Partner is free and takes only a minute!

We've done the legwork, the rest is up to you. All Affiliates and Resellers, signup now. and start earning commissions Today!